Please click on the links below to view a blank copy of the various club forms. They are new forms for the
2017-18 season, please ensure that your respective Team Manager receives a completed copy as soon as
possible. These forms are vital in the administration of club members and should be printed off and
completed by all members both old and new and returned to your Team Manager as soon as possible or by the
dates stated on each form at the very latest. All information supplied to the club is processed and stored in
line with the Data Protection Act 1998
Club Membership Information Sheet
This Info Sheet is for all Club members and their parents. It contains all the information from the website
on the requirements of membership. It must be signed and returned to your Team Manager
Club Membership Information Sheet    

Club Code of Conduct
This describes the values and behaviours required by all members of the club. It should be signed to show
agreement and returned to the relevant Team Manager/Coach at the start of the season
Club Code of Conduct   

Club Membership and Fees Return Form
This form is to be completed by all club members and returned to their respective Team Manager with
payment as soon as possible. It captures all the required information that the Club needs for vital club
Club Membership and Fees return Return form 2017 - 18   

NEW England Netball Registration Forms
England Netball have introduced new, compulsory forms for all members. These fall into three categories,
Under 16, Aged 16 - 17 and Aged 18 and over. All ENC members should complete their relevant form for their
age group and return these with the other forms.

New Registration form Under 16

New Registration form Age 16 - 17

New Registration form Age 18 & over