High Fives Page

High Fives Netball is for children in School Years 4, 5 & 6 and is an excellent way to
start learning netball.
To learn more go to the
England Netball High Fives page.

Our High 5 section tooke part in the U11 tournament at Paignton on thw 13th
Janurary.Ecellant performance from both teams with Exeter 2 coming away with gold

Great start to the season for our High 5 1st team. Coming 2nd in the cup at both
Exeter and District High 5 tournaments. Well done to our 2nd team who have come
3rd in the plate at both Exeter and District High 5 tournaments narrowly missing out
on 2nd place on goal differnce
U12 train on Fridays at Exeter College Sports Hall from 4.45pm till 6pm.